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10 Free Applications for Cross Browser Test

Running a cross browser test for website is important as web developers can check their website’s design and make sure it’s looking good across every browser. If you’re a web developer and would like to run a cross browser test,

20 Must Have Camera Apps for iPhone 4

iPhone 4 has been notably well-known for its camera which takes impressive picture. Thanks to its Retina display, the photos look even greater. Not forget to mention its ability to process the HDR photo on the fly. So, if you

Check Who Is Connecting Your Wi-Fi [How-To]

Ever wonder who is connecting your Wi-Fi (wireless network) without your acknowledgment? If you setup a Wi-Fi for wireless Internet connection at home, the chances are other devices can also connect to the same Internet connection if someone decrypted your

Benefit from Copied Content with Tynt

Ever wonder who’s interested in your content and sharing it with others? Try Tnyt. In short, Tnyt lets you have an idea on what content is being copied and shared from your website so you’re aware of what really interests

Add Facebook to Google+ [How-To]

Having problem in switching between Facebook and Google+? Without a doubt, it’s a tedious task to login both accounts just to do similar tasks. We understand the pain and hereby introducing an extension that allows you to add the Facebook

Search Files and Folders Instantly in Windows [How-To]

Searching high and low for a particular file or folder in Windows? If you’re fired up with Windows default search engine, here’s another free and portable search engine tool for your Windows – "Everything". In short, "Everything" enables you quickly

Download Photos from Facebook [10 Best Tools]

How to download photos from Facebook? It’s a common question from Facebook users who would like to back up their photos which been uploaded to Facebook album since the first day they share their photos on Facebook. By default, Facebook

Automatically Copy USB Files in Silent When An USB Drive Connected [How-To]

Recover damaged or deleted files is not something new. But automatically copy USB files in silent when an USB drive just connected is smart. In order to do that, you need USBDumper. In short, USBDumper is a smart portable utility

All-In-One FTP Client for Multiple Cloud Storage Accounts – Cyberduck

Cyberduck is an all-in-one FTP, SFTP & WebDAV browser that allows you to handle multiple cloud storage accounts like Amazon S3, Google Storage, Windows Azure, Rackspace Cloud Files and Google Docs for Mac & Windows. The browser lets you upload,

5 Useful Tips to Save Web Pages as Adobe PDF

Adobe PDF is the most popular format for reading materials as the formatting is preserved and compatible to most computers, eBook readers, tablets or mobile devices. With gulp loads of information on Web, we tend to save a web/blog content