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Destroy Your Current Web Page [3 Fun Time Killers]

Having Monday blue or feeling bored at work? If you’re finding ways to kill time on Web, here’s 3 fun time killers to make you lose a few minutes of productivity by destroying your current or selected web page.

Free Transformers 3 Theme for Windows 7

For Windows 7 users, you can start personalizing your computer with an incredible library of themes containing images, sounds, and more. If you’re using Windows 7, here’s something you shouldn’t miss – free Transformers 3 theme for Windows 7.

How to Play Angry Birds Online

  Want to play Angry Birds but don’t own an iPhone/iPad/iPod? Now you can play Angry Birds online on your browser for FREE without any installation! Just visit and you can start to dish out revenge on the green

10 Places Where You Can Chat with Strangers

Feeling bored and want to make new friends? Chatting with random people could be fun and exciting. If you want to build new relationships and kill your boredom, here’s 10 places where you can chat with strangers. Details next!

10 Creative Google Labs Experiments You Might Not Know

Google Labs is a website experimenting and demostrating new, wild and creative Google prototyped projects. Gmail and Google Maps are the successful creations from Google Labs. This week, we’ve compiled 10 creative Google Labs experiments you might not know since

Generate Witty Status for Facebook and Twitter with Generatus

Sharing what’s on our mind is something what we always do with Facebook and Twitter. But it’s definitely time consuming for an impressive, creative, eye-catchy original status message. Try Generatus, a cool website that generate funky status message for your

Add Some Funny Effects On Your Photos – piZap

Previously I did introduce PhotoFunia to make your photos unique and funny. Here’s another free online editor which allows you to add funny effects on your photos on the fly – piZap. In short, piZap lets people easily create wacky

Dead Fake: Send Email With Customized Email Address

Deadfake is a site that allows you send free “fake” emails to anyone you like. You can also make it appear come from anyone you choose, which means you can customize sender’s email address on anonymous email. No registration and

Create A Funky Card Online With CardFunk

Christmas is just around the corner. The bell of holiday is making noise and it’s time to create holiday cards that say Merry Christmas or Seasons Greetings in a cool, funky way. CardFunk allows you to create your customized greeting

Build And Draw Dominos Online With Drawminos

Drawminos is a cool time killer for us to build and draw with dominos online then watch it all fall over. Building a real dominos might be too time and energy consuming. The risk is too high either if one