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Maintain SEO While Redirecting Your Domain [How-To]

Though redirecting domains is rare, during the transition, you run the risk of weakening your SEO. Sometime entire domain is redirected and this can severely affect your SEO. Having said that, it does not mean that you shy away from

Google AdWords US$75 Free Advertising Voucher

SME Magazine has partnered with Google Adwords to offer free US$75 advertising voucher to promote your business with Google.

Free Text Links from

Looking for free DoFollow one way text links for your website or blog? offers 25 free text link credits to add relevant backlinks to your web site if you sign up for their free trial. It’s risk-free and no

Free EBook Download – Google SEO Starter Guide by Google Webmaster Central Blog

Image credit As a blogger, we always try to be knowledgeable on Google SEO tips and tricks. Thus, thousands of SEO related blogs have been appeared to fulfill the market needs. For me, I’ve spent some times on Google’s SEO

SEO Tutorial By Google Webmaster Central Blog [Video]

Folks in Google Webmaster Central Blog has releases some useful tutorials to help you understand how Google works. Thanks for these thoughtful mentors to present us video tutorial on how Google discovers, crawls, indexes site’s pages and how Google displays

10 Free Online Tools To Test Website Loading Speed

We know that website loading speed is one of the key to detainment more visitors. An average loading period like 1-5 seconds are normally acceptable to keep people waiting. In order to improve a website loading performance, we can either

How to Promote A Blog in Facebook

Update: iCalnyn just posted 3 new Facebook Advertising Coupon codes. Check this out. Promotion is important to boost up a blog’s traffic. One of the effectiveness method for blog promotion is promote your blog in a high traffic platform like

2 Websites to Let You Check Your IP Neighbors

Have a site but do not know who are sharing the same hosting with your? You may feel surprised to check who shares your website IP because some of domains are actually sharing their IP with over 500 other sites!

Glossary of Links

Links are important to a website. They are a source of targeted traffic, they are food for search engine bots, they are part of algorithms. Therefore, it’s good to know some glossary of links for better understanding of SEO. List

Weekend Funny Video: Link Building Rap Video

It probably the best way to understand what’s link building. LOL Lyrics: You create a new site and its content heavy, With the right amount of pictures you believe it’s ready, So you launch it trying to put money in