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What is Linux and How to Install Linux

Linux is one of the first operating system which was developed by Linus Torvalds, a Finnish Software Developer. The first Linux Kernel was released in 1991. The latest Linux version is 11.04(beta) which was released on 28 April 2011. The

Add Facebook to Google+ [How-To]

Having problem in switching between Facebook and Google+? Without a doubt, it’s a tedious task to login both accounts just to do similar tasks. We understand the pain and hereby introducing an extension that allows you to add the Facebook

Download Photos from Facebook [10 Best Tools]

How to download photos from Facebook? It’s a common question from Facebook users who would like to back up their photos which been uploaded to Facebook album since the first day they share their photos on Facebook. By default, Facebook

Integrate Facebook Comment to WordPress [How-To]

Integrate Facebook comment to your WordPress blog can easily add values to your site by allowing your readers interact with your site using their Facebook account in comment section. Moreover, the Facebook comment will be shown up on your readers’

How to Enable Incompatible Add-ons & Extensions in Firefox 5

Firefox 5 released, arrives only three months after Firefox 4. If you’re using Firefox 5 and noticed there’re incompatible add-ons or extensions weren’t updated to support the new release, try to install Add-on Compatibility Reporter. In short, Add-on Compatibility Reporter

5 Tips to Simplify Your Life Using Cloud Computing

Whether you aware or not, life has become so complicated with technology nowadays. If you own more than one phone or smartphones, 5 email accounts or more, iPad, iPhone, a laptop and a desktop and dozen of messenger IDs, then

How to Enable “Save and Quit” function in Firefox 4

Looking for “Save and Quit” function when closing a window with multiple tabs in Firefox 4? There’ were some changes for some of the warning messages in Firefox 4 and it doesn’t allow users to modify these changes in “Tools

3 Important Things You Must Know About Web Safe Fonts

What Are Web Safe Fonts? Web typography refers to fonts used for the online world. Web safe fonts specifically are fonts used in the online world which are common and available in most computer systems. If the fonts are available,

20 Most Handy Tools for Google Docs

If any platform can bring cloud computing to web-based documents with real-time collaboration, it could be Google Docs. Without a doubt, Google Docs is a powerful tool that giving you the flexibility to be productive from your desk, at office,

20 Great Resources to Learn & Understand HTML5

Web applications and utilities in HTML5 format will be top-of-mind for web developers for years to come simply because it fix all the browser compatibility problems and supports plenty of amazing features like canvas, local storage and etc. It is