Copy A Region Of The Screen Quickly With Snippy


Snippy is a fun tool that allows us to mark out the region of your screen that you want to copy and keep it in your clipboard so you can paste it in any application.

No more carefully selected some text from a page and copy it to an application because Snippy can make it happen on the fly. :) Best of all, an URL will also be copied to the clipboard if a portion of an Internet Explorer window is cut.

How To Use Snippy

snippy2 No installation is required in order to use Snippy as Snippy is an executable program. After click on the Snippy icon, the mouse cursor will be changed to a pen. Use the pen to mark any preferable area of the screen and the marked area will be ready in your clipboard.

Hold down the SHIFT key for a rectangular area selection. Color of border and hotkey for activating the capture mode can be configured by right-clicking on the Snippy icon in the taskbar.

Don’t worry if you’re having multiple monitors. Snippy does done a good job in grabbing images off on multiple monitors as well.

[Download Snippy]

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