Create 16 Photo Effects Online with Dumpr


Dumpr is a pretty interesting website for us to create over 16 photo effects online. These 16 photo effects include:

  1. Your photos in art museums!
  2. Celebrity Paparazzi
  3. Peeling Paint
  4. Sketch Artist
  5. Rubiks’s cube
  6. Jigsaw puzzles
  7. Photo to Sketch
  8. Weave
  9. Alien vision
  10. Amazing Circles
  11. Lomo
  12. Stone Mosaic
  13. Photos insides a photo
  14. Create breathtaking reflections!
  15. Easter Egg Decoration
  16. Lego-ize

Dumpr Effects 

Apply them!

Dumpr has minimized the tedious process into 3 simple steps.

1. At home page, select an effect to begin with.

2. Upload a photo either from your computer, a website or Flickr.

3. Download it without paying a single cent.

The result


Cute Couple


 Rubik's cube effect - Cute Couple

Rubik’s cube effect applied.

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