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Unnavigable, garbled mess of text and images of a website on a mobile device could be a reason to drive away your readers from mobile browser. Therefore, it’s necessary to mobilize your website and make it presentable for better user experience.

Mofuse is a fast growing blog mobilizing network that currently power over 12000 mobile blogs. Grab the right tools and features available, then carve out your own presence on the mobile web.

How To Setup A Mobile Site Mofuse_2

Beside being free, Mofuse allows you to mobilize your blog with just only 2 simple steps.

Firstly, enter your blog’s URL or RSS feed in a given space. After that fill in all the required information to create an account to claim your mobile site.

Upon registration, you can even customize your mobile sites with given options such as custom domain, design/colors, logo and etc.

This is my mobile site URL – Create your own now!

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