Create A Reflection Effect to Your Picture Online

I did show how to create a wave effect to your picture online. Today, let’s try how to create a reflection for your picture online.


Picreflect, as name suggest, is an online application that ables to create a reflection to your image within 1 minute. As usual, you can select a file from your computer or from a URL, then customize the way you want it reflected, click “Generate” button to get your new image with reflection.

Picreflect allows you to customize the setting as in

  • height of reflection
  • Transparency
  • Resizing
  • Flip Vertical or Mirror
  • Rotation
  • Set background color

Original picture (example)


Result picture



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3 Responses to Create A Reflection Effect to Your Picture Online

  1. moha says:


  2. moha says:

    thanks very much

  3. Jerome Chambers says:

    Great little program and awesome job!

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