Create Graphs And Charts Online With Widgenie

A good presentation always comes with an interesting visualized statistic such as graph and chart. Needless to say, a nice looking visualization graph or chart can easily attract more attention from audience.

It could be even better if a graph or chart is presented as a widget with simple interactivity. If you’re looking for a powerful widget for displaying a chart or graph, meet Widgenie.

In short, Widgenie is a all-powerful data visualizer which takes your data and transform it into visual information that can be shared with anyone by embedding it on a website.

Widgenie is able to convert your data from excel spreadsheets, CSV files or data feeds into a graph and chart widget. There are 6 types of widget:

  • Tabular
  • Animated Line Chart
  • Animated Bar Chart
  • Animated Area Chart
  • Animated Pie Chart
  • Text Cloud Widget

Widgenies’s users can upload their data to Widgenie and customize the data to only display the column and fields they want to show. The best thing is, when a data is updated, Widgenie will grab the latest information and update the widget as well.

Beside being free, it’s very user friendly. Visit Widgenie.

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