Cryptainer LE – Free 128bit Encryption Software

Do you want to protect(encrypt) your data or folders in your harddisk in order to ensure absolute privacy?

Cryptainer LE

Cryptainer LE – it’s powerful 128 bit encryption, creates multiple 25 MB encrypted containers (vaults) on your hard disk. These encrypted vaults can be loaded and unloaded when needed. You can view, modify and hide all types of files with a single password.

• Hide Files and Folders
• Lock folders
• Secure files, folders and more…
• Easy Encryption
• Guaranteed data protection
• Ensure your privacy
• No access without your password
• Works with all file types
• Restrict access to programs

• Secure Email
• Real Time File and Folder Protection
• Fast Encryption
• No Format Limitations
• Easy Operation
• Standard Windows Functions
• Customized, Easy to Remember Passwords
• Storage Flexibility
• Windows Compatibility
• One Step Encrypted Data Back-Ups
• Implement Effective Access Control In A Multi User Environment

Cryptainer can be installed directly on a USB / removable drive as a “stand alone” install. One can carry this installation of Cryptainer (‘Cryptainer Mobile’) to different machines without having to install Cryptainer on the host machine.

I was a Cryptainer LE user. I used it to protect some of my “important” email and “confidential files”. But now I m not using it anymore to secure my files. :P .
I actually created my own customised encryption software by using Adobe Director to protect my personal and company data. :D
If you are interested in how did I created the encryption software by using Adobe Director, leave me a comment. :)

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