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CustomizeTalk is a platform which specializes in customizing Google Talk aka gTalk.

Basically you can find whatever you need to add or minus your Google Talk, say themes, skins or avatars.

You also can get the latest news and updates for Google Talk. The most current update will be “Google Talk on your iPhone”. Interesting huh?


A forum has been setup in CustomizeTalk for users to discuss and share whatever related to Google Talk. Other features like free plugins, tips & tricks, registry tweaks, resource hacker and chat bots are provided in CustomizeTalk.

Tips from CustomizeTalk,

Google Talk Shortcuts

  • F9: Open Gmail to send an email to your friend
  • F11: Start a call with your friend
  • F12: Stop the current call
  • ESC: Close the current window
  • ALT + ESC: Minimize the current window
  • TAB: Switch between multiple chat windows
  • CTRL + I: Same as TAB
  • SHIFT + TAB: Same as TAB but in reverse order
  • CTRL + TAB: Same as SHIFT + TAB
  • Windows + ESC: Open Google Talk (if it’s minimized, or in the tray)

For Google Talk supporters, don’t miss CustomizeTalk!

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