Delete the Recovery Console

I have written how to install XP Recovery Console if computer does not start properly last week.

According to “..each time your computer boots up, you need to choose which one you want to load. either windows xp or the recovery console.” Thus, let’s learn how to delete the recovery console to prevent this happens.

1. Open My Computer.

2. Double-click the hard drive on which you installed the Recovery Console.

3. On the Tools menu, click Folder Options.

4. Click the View tab.

5. Click Show hidden files and folders, clear the Hide protected operating system files check box, and then click OK.

6. At the root directory, delete the \Cmdcons folder.

7. At the root directory, delete the file Cmldr.

8. At the root directory, right-click the Boot.ini file and then click Properties.

9. Clear the Read-only check box, and then click OK.

10. Open Boot.ini in Notepad, and remove the entry for the Recovery Console. It will look similar to this:
C:\cmdcons\bootsect.dat=”Microsoft Windows Recovery Console” /cmdcons

11. Save the file and close it.

12. Modifying the Boot.ini file incorrectly may prevent your computer from restarting. Be sure to delete only the entry for the Recovery Console.

To open My Computer, double-click the My Computer icon on the desktop.
It is recommended that you change the attribute for the Boot.ini file back to read-only after you complete this procedure. You may also want to hide your system files again.

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