Discover Which Celebrity You Look Like


Look like a celebrity might not bring you any money but I am sure it makes you look more outstanding when standing in crowd.

If you are wondering which celebrity you look like, meet My Heritage’s Face Recognition. provides a free service that allows you to discover which celebrity you look like by applying face recognition technology to an uploaded photos.

Create Celebrity Collage & Morph

Without costing you a single penny, you can also create a collage or morph showing your celebrity matches and embed it your blog, email, or keep it in your computer.

Creating a collage is pretty simple. Just upload a photo of yours, My Heritage’s Face Recognition will be running a face recognition and complete everything for you.


Look at the result I experimented by using my friend’s photo.

Apart from celebrity collage and morph, you can also try out a new feature called “Look-alike Meter” which indicates your baby look like mom or dad.


Feel free, try these fun tools. It kills your free time, especially on weekend. Cool

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