Do You Have Auto Skip Google Ads Vision?

How many blog readers actually read/need the Google Ads while they are reading a blog?? I have a habit of reading certain blogs everyday. But every time after my browser has successfully logged into the site, my sight will just straight looking at the content. After finish reading, I normally just close the browser directly. (Translate: Open – Read – Leave)

Most of the readers have adapted Google Ads’ design, pattern and even the font style. Those things have already became a signal for their sight to skip and look to other parts. For those who realise the existence of Google Ads, they normally will think that Google Ads are annoying. Ads can be appeared anywhere in a blog. It makes the blog looked cheap. It ruins the design of the blog’s theme.

That’s why I have these questions in my mind recently,
How many of them really think that Google Ads is useful?
How many of them really get helped after click the ads?
Are those ads ever exist in regular readers’ vision?
Do you have auto skip Google Ads vision?

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2 Responses to Do You Have Auto Skip Google Ads Vision?

  1. verone says:

    yaya…i skiped those ads all d time without noticing it..itz jaz so “automatically”…;p;p

  2. Brendan says:

    It is easy to do, its like ads in the newspaper, you fight your way through the papers reading only the content, unless it really catches your eye.

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