Documenting the Open Web by Google Doctype

Google Code Google Doctype is an open reference library which written by web developers and given for web developers.

This open encyclopedia includes plenty articles on web security, JavaScript DOM manipulation, CSS tips and tricks and more.

It is 100% open for public. Web developers can search for web codes via Google Code search too.

What You Can Find in Google Doctype

Applicable articles such as:

HOWTO Articles

  • Web security
  • Dom manipulation
  • CSS and style
  • Tips and Tricks

Dom Objects

  • document
  • window
  • history
  • locatin
  • navigator
  • screen


  • CSS properties
  • pseudo-classes and elements
  • at-rules
  • colors

HTML element

What Else

Apart from these, you can get the raw source code and content in Google Doctype too. Join the issues that have been discussing or join a project if you wish too.

My $0.02

Basically Google Doctype provides a good resource for web developers. If you’re new to web, here’s the place for you to pilgrimage.

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