Download Photos from Facebook [10 Best Tools]

Download Photos from Facebook [10 Best Tools]

How to download photos from Facebook? It’s a common question from Facebook users who would like to back up their photos which been uploaded to Facebook album since the first day they share their photos on Facebook.

By default, Facebook does not support any quick tool for its users to download photos besides using "right-click" – "save image as" function of browser. It could take months if you have hundred of photos in Facebook album.

If you want to quick download photos from Facebook in an easy way, here’s 10 best free tools to download photos from Facebook. Details next!

  1. fbDownloader

    Download your facebook® tagged photos, your photo albums and your friends’ photos, for free! Don’t let your memories get erased, just download all your facebook photo albums right onto your PC, instantly backup all of your Facebook photos and albums to one secure location.

    You can download facebook friends’ albums from wedding albums to prom memories, fbDownloader lets you download your facebook friends’ photo albums at a single click.

    fbDownloader - Download Photos from Facebook [Best Tools]

  2. Pick&Zip

    Pick&Zip is a totally free backup online tool that will allow you downloading photos from Facebook in a single zip or pdf file. With Pick&Zip you can download photos where you have been tagged even if you have not uploaded them.

    If so you prefer, you can make a selection of the pictures you like best among your own, your friends’, your fan pages and those of the groups you belong.

    Pick&Zip - Download Photos from Facebook [Best Tools]

  3. Fotobounce

    Fotobounce is a free software to download your Facebook photo albums, and also upload photos to Facebook. It’s easy enough to download individual photos from Facebook and Flickr, & offers a way to download entire albums.

    Fotobounce - Download Photos from Facebook [Best Tools]

  4. FaceDown

    FaceDown is a Facebook photo downloader that lets you download pictures from Facebook quickly and easily. You can even save the captions in the photo’s metadata and use the super stalker mode.

    FaceDown - Download Photos from Facebook [Best Tools]

  5. Web Album Copier

    Web Album Copier is specialized in downloading all images from a web photo album to your computer. After the application is installed go to your web browser (Firefox and Internet Explorer are supported), right-click on the web page containing the web album and select “Download with Web Album Copier”.

    Web Album Copier - Download Photos from Facebook [Best Tools]

  6. Photo Download

    Photo Download is a Facebook application that allows you to download photographs that you and your friends have uploaded to Facebook. You must login to download photographs that you and your friends have uploaded.

    Photo Download - Download Photos from Facebook [Best Tools]

  7. Photograbber

    Download your Facebook pictures! This application makes it easy to download pictures from Facebook.

    Photograbber - Download Photos from Facebook [Best Tools]

  8. Facebook Photo Album Downloader (Firefox Add-On)

    Easily download whole albums off Facebook. Photos are downloaded to the default firefox download location. To download, right click on a link to a facebook photo album and select “Download Photo Album”. This plugin is not available for Firefox 5.0.

    Facebook Photo Album Downloader - Download Photos from Facebook [Best Tools]

  9. fluschipranie (Firefox Add-On)

    Fluschipranie is an addon for downloading your facebook albums. Go to your albums section or whenever you have an album link. You just make right-mouse click over your albums links, a menu should appear with fluschipranies download option, click it.

    fluschipranie - Download Photos from Facebook [Best Tools]

  10. Download Facebook Album’s Photos (Google Chrome Extension)

    Click to download photos from facebook you are viewing. Link to the album on your facebook page. Then click the “Download FB phtos” Icon. You will see all photos on a new tab. Simply press “Ctrl+S” and select “Save whole pages”.

     - Download Photos from Facebook [Best Tools]

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