Everything About LINK

Don’t you agree LINKs are the main source of targeted traffic?
If you are new to link building, there’s a pdf written by Patrick Gavin, President of Text Link Ads Inc, talking about The Definitive Guide To Link Buying.

Everything About LINK

This is a complete guide that covers a lot of topics about “links”, for examples,
Why links are important to you.
Why link popularity is the top factor in top search engine rankings.

It also explains a lot of technical glossary term like Link Popularity, Off Page Criteria, PageRank, On-Page Factors, Anchor Text, FFA Link Farm, Citation, Reciprocal Link Exchanges, One Way Links, Deep Link, Site Wide Links, Backlinks and etc.

The most interesting part of this pdf is the “link buying tips“. You won’t know that actually there’s a lot of typical requirements and secrets to purchase a link in other websites until you have finish this pdf. The tips shared include:
1. Buy Relevancy, Not PageRank.
2. Proper Text Link Ad Setup.
3. Link to A Consisten Site Location.
4. Deep Link.
5. Do Not Buy Too Many Site Wide Links.
6. Buy From A Wide Variety of Networks.
7. Buy Links Across A Wide Variety of Sites.
8. Be Aware of The Number of Outbound Links on A Webpage.
9. Keep Your Links in Place Long Enough to See Result.
10. Track Your Traffic and Results.

Leave me any comment so we can discuss it further here together.
Happy reading!

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  1. lkgaprwuky says:

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  2. Do you really buy links instead of building them slowly but surely?

    Buying links incur costs, was wondering if it would be better if we exchange it instead

  3. Kay says:

    Buy links is definitely a faster link building solution.
    Exchange link is a good idea but don’t forget, one way link is always more valuable.

  4. [...] popularity of a link is the top factor in majority search engine rankings. It’s good to know what links are but it would be better if we really get our hand dirty with playing [...]

  5. Martin says:

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  6. Martin says:

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  7. john says:

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  8. Links are definitely the main source of quality traffic and I agree wholeheartedly with #5, buying an abundance of links is a poor idea.

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