Experimenting Chitika Mega-Unit


Recently I am experimenting the performance of Chitika on K-Director.com.

If you are a regular reader of this website, the chances are you probably have no chance to view Chitika’ ads on this site because it only targets search engine traffic from US and Canada.

According to Chitika, new released Chitika MEGA unit is a brand new Chitika | Premium unit which able to boost your Chitika earnings up to 400% with more clicks and revenue.

What is the MEGA-Unit

Here’s the screenshots of Mega unit. The original size is 548px × 246px. Super BIG!


For your information, MEGA-Unit’s CTR is 4 times higher than other ad units, adding a massive increase in clicks and revenue.

You can get the unit by clicking here, then choosing the 550×250 "MEGA-Unit" from the drop-down.

Too Big for Content Width

I have inserted MEGA-Unit on the top of my page (below Google Link ads) simply because my content width is restricted to 500px only.

It’s not the best placement but there’s where I can think of. Any suggestion?

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2 Responses to Experimenting Chitika Mega-Unit

  1. LithiumMind says:

    I am glad that at least there’s alternative to Adsense. However to fully maximize from Chitika, the blog targeted traffic should be from North America.

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