Experimenting New Theme For K-Director.com

Ya. I am going to “redesign” K-Director.com. Several free themes have been choosen for this great experiment. :)

Beside that, I gonna deactivate and uninstall all the WP plugins that K-Director.com is using currently. The reinstallation of WP plugins will be carried on after the new theme has been selected.
After this redesign has been done successfully, I will tell you the reasons behind it.

Hopefully I can finish everything by tonight.
Wish me good luck!

Update: I don’t think I can settle everything by tonight. But at least the theme has been set. I will continue doing it when I am free (recently rushing a company project and it almost “take my breathe away“). :(

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2 Responses to Experimenting New Theme For K-Director.com

  1. verone says:

    hmm..it seems long time i didnt log on to this site cuz of busy with college stuff..i like this new theme than d previous 1..seems more organized..

  2. kay says:

    thank you verone. There are a lot more to customize with… really take times

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