Extract An Online Video From Browser Cache With VideoCacheView

Do you know a video file is stored in your browser’s cache after it’s been watched or loaded? For people who likes to save a good show in local disk and replay them after watching it in a video site, here’s a freeware to help you to extract an online video file from browser cache – VideoCacheView.

Downloading a video is not necessary anymore if a video has been loaded in your browser. VideoCacheView enables you to extract loaded video from browser like IE or Firefox and save them for future replay.

In a layman’s term, VideoCacheView allows you to copy a cached video files to another folder for playing in the future easily. You also can play the video directly from your browser’s cache is a movie player is configured.

No installation is required. Simply run the executable file to scan the cache folders of your IE and Firefox browsers.

In order to play a FLV video file, what you need is just a free FLV player.  Enjoy!

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