Extract Text from PDF Online with PDFTextOnline

PDFTextOnlineCopying text from PDF can be a really tedious work to do. I hereby introduce a hassle free PDF text (and metadata) content extraction tool – PDFTextOnline which allows you to extract text from PDF and makes these text copy-able.

Copy and paste in PDF will no longer be an annoying job if you try PDFTextOnline. Everything will be processed online and no single software is required. Just upload your PDF file to them, PDFTextOnline will help you to extract all the text from head to toe and return it back in their editor.


PDFTextOnline is actually powerful enough to handle more than just English language. Instead, it can also extract text in Chinese, Japanese, Korean and more.  Big Grin

By the way, did I mention PDFTextOnline is totally free of charge?

Try PDFTextOnline!

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  1. It is very usefull information and great tool. Thanks to post this. so make me easy to surfe in the internet.

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