Facebook Chat Officially Launches (Screenshots)

Update: Facebook Chat is available in every country now.


Facebook Chat is launching this week, started from few selected networks, then slowly to all the Facebook users. You will notice Facebook Chat bar at the bottom of your browser when Facebook Chat reaches your network. No installation or assembly is required to run this Instant Messaging service.

Facebook Chat Bar

You can check your list of online buddies through this Chat bar. It works similarly like any other Instant Messaging services – chat windows, online friend list, notification, chat setting and your online status (shoutbox).

Below are some screenshots from insidefacebook.com.

Facebook Chat Status Bar
Whenever a chat comes in, a chat box will be appeared and highlighted with a red bubble.

Facebook Chat Box
This is how the conversation box looks like. Simple interface.

Facebook Chat Popout Windows
Facebook Chat windows can be maximized.

Facebook Chat Popout Windows
Online and offline friends list.

Facebook Chat Popout Windows
Facebook Chat setting and Online Status.

If you still can’t get the big picture of it, watch Facebook IM preview video for better idea. :grin:

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11 Responses to Facebook Chat Officially Launches (Screenshots)

  1. Yigit says:

    Thanks, I have tested this chat, it is very good and nice… it is like msn :mrgreen:

  2. kay says:

    :razz:   It is really a powerful supplemental tool I have ever see.

  3. Eric says:

    The chatting system is quite convenient for facebook user like me because it can straight away see who is online. Saves me the hassle by finding whether my friend is online or not through MSN.

  4. aslam says:

    i want to become a good man

  5. aslam says:

    i m verysad today

  6. Anonymous says:

    i facebooked your mom

  7. Anonymous says:

    your mum likes my dads rimhole

  8. Anonymous says:

    hai…… uzta na

  9. Anonymous says:

    its nice.!

  10. Anonymous says:

    facebook is a great way to reunite with the past ive reunited with more than 20 friends . Facebook is trully great

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