Firefox 3 Improved Features, Mouse Shortcuts and Keyboard Shortcuts You Don’t Want to Miss


I’ve been playing with new Firefox 3 since installed it. Some new features are really handy and powerful. So far, everything works well in Firefox 3 besides some minor bugs in loading Google personalized homepage. For that bug, I will look for a solution and post it later.

Here’s what I’ve learned and explored. Hopefully it helps.

1. Zoom In and Out with Keyboard Shortcuts

 Zoom In    zoom-in

Zoom Out zoom-out

2. Tab Tricks



3. Bookmark A Site with A Click

bookmark star

Like a website? Bookmark it with a click on the star in navigation bar.

4. Dragable Images in Firefox 3 Browser

dragable image

A shadow will be shown when an image is dragged. This helps you to save an image easily as you can drag an image into a folder or desktop.

5. Home Pages as Tabs

Instead of using only one web page as your homepage, you can make a set of tabs your home page. Select your favorite web sites and open them in tabs in a single window. Select Tools > OptionsEdit > Preferences Firefox > Preferences and open the Main panel. Under Startup, press the Use Current Pages button. Now when you press the Home button, your favorite web sites will load with just a click.

6. Keyboard Shortcuts

List of the most common keyboard shortcuts in Mozilla Firefox.

7. Mouse Shortcuts

mouse shortcuts

Keyboard and mouse shortcut are pretty useful to speed up the way we use Firefox. Try to apply them whenever you perform an action.

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