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What can we do if we want to scroll a long text+image+flash animation? Except of using “scroll together” or “drag together” method, I will choose to use flash scrollpane in director. You can use a scroll pane to display any content that is too large for the area into which it is loaded. For example, if you have a large image and only a small space for it in an application, you could load it into a scroll pane. It is very useful if you want to insert an animation or image in your text and make it scrollable.
You can either link a swf (which include animation, text and image) or a jpg/png/gif in scrollpane for display purpose.

1. Go to Windows -> Library palette.
2. Drag the into your cast member.
3. Select scrollpane in stage thenopen your property inspector.
4. In your Flash Component tab, type in your contentpath (for example: @mytext.swf)
5. Modify the properties in flash component tab to you preferable settings. (read the Help file for further informations.)

Download file: Scrollpane.zip
(Right click and select save target as) :)

想在director的字幕里加动画和图片,又或者想显示的动画/图片太大,你可以试试director里flash scrollpane。
Flash ScrollPane能帮你和你想要的swf/图片连线,然后带进director里使用。
你还能移动在Flash ScrollPane里的swf/图片。
这也间接解决了director text member不能加图片的缺点。
使用Flash ScrollPane,最重要的是contentpath的设定一定要对。
(如: @mytext.swf 或 http://www.k-director.com/blog/upload/myAnimation.swf)

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2 Responses to Flash ScrollPane

  1. slix says:

    In your Flash Component tab, type in your contentpath (for example: @mytext.swf)

    Can i change the contentpath target using internal cast member. What is the sript be.
    Please help. Thanks.

  2. kay says:

    Sorry. From what I know, flash scrollpane in Director doesn’t allow you target internal cast member.
    I’ll try to solve this, stay tune on http://www.k-director.com.

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