Flickr Video Launched – Pro Members Only


Flickr has finally supported video on its site. Non-pro members can now watch video clips alongside photos. Unfortunately, only pro members(it costs $25/yr to be a pro user) are allowed to upload video. Flickr supports only videos in 90 seconds length and 150MB in size.

Flickr video can be set to share or private document. Tag and description can be added too. Flickr video has a clean and clear theme, even for its player controller.

At the mean time, Flickr has also increased the upload file size for each photo to 10MB(Non-pro member) and 20MB(Pro member).

My $0.02
It’s just an extra feature for flickr users. There is no way for Flickr to be another Youtube. But Flickr video upload only opened for pro members, really sounds dumb to me. :???:

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