Free Web Version of Adobe Photoshop – Adobe Photoshop Express (Screenshots)

Adobe PhotoShop Express
must be very pissed of websites that allow people edit their images online for free. Therefore, Adobe has just launched its free online photo editor – Adobe Photoshop Express (beta) in order to gain back her dignity.

This lightweight version of Photoshop requires registration if want to upload own photos for editing. But it also allows “test driveAdobe Photoshop Express for users to experience the powerfeul features provided.

Adobe Photoshop Express
Users can store, edit and show off effect edited photos in Photoshop Express. The storage for storing images is up to 2GB for free. Users can even share their photos online, including downloading and uploading photos from popular social networking sites like Facebook, Picasa and Photobucket.

Tools of Adobe Photoshop Express
Its GUI is really good looking and feels the same as Photoshop, only with less options for filters, or layers and paths.

filter, tools, effects, zooming of adobe photoshop express
options: auto retouching, cropping, rotating, red eye removal, white balancing, sharpening and etc.

My $0.02

It’s not too late for Adobe to offer a free online image editor. It’s actually good to have an online image editor software which provided by a famous multimedia software company. I personally believe it would be very positive in this software development. At least, Adobe Photoshop Express is still in beta version and accepting feedback for further upgrade. :idea:

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12 Responses to Free Web Version of Adobe Photoshop – Adobe Photoshop Express (Screenshots)

  1. Abas says:

    Hi, K

    How are things?

    I checked out the new Adobe express site yesterday. It seems like a polished version of Flickr to me; with the photo gallery & etc. I mean how can the best photo editing software not have an online editing version? As you mentioned; Adobe's dignity was lost but now its gaining again at last! I do like its online editing functions!:smile:


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  3. kay says:

    There are more Adobe online series coming out. Stay tune!

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  7. Yanni says:

    i think this online editing is almost same as other online image editing .

  8. Lacnette says:

    I use Adobe Photoshop on my Webpage making business at home. Photoshop got all the features i need to make some really great graphics and banners. a

  9. Carmen says:

    Adobe Photoshop is my favorite photo editing software and also Paint Shop Pro. Adobe photoshop has more useful features compared to other photo editing softwares.

  10. Adobe Photoshop has long been considered the professional image-editing standard among graphic digital artists worldwide,adobe CS2 is certain to cement that reputation even further with its array of new features. Artists, creative professionals, photographers, and industry professionals will find that the workflow and image customization enhancements will be worth far more than the price of the upgrade.

  11. Tia Gray says:

    there is no other photo editing tool that is as good as Adobe Photoshop, It is simpy the best “

  12. adobe photoshop is the best photo-editing tool that we have used.*-

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