Gathering – Korean BBQ at DaoRae

Last Saturday night I had a gathering with my ex-coursemates – Alex, Isabella, KuanYew, Kevin, Hwei Yee, and Kymberly at DaoRae. DaoRae is a Korean BBQ restaurant.

Gathering Korean BBQ
(Located in Taipan, opposite McDonald)

We ordered few plates of meats, very small portion dishes, soup, raw beef with egg and rice.

Gathering Korean BBQ
Kuan Yew, used to be our chef in our uni life… (Yew, I will remember your steak forever!)

The main purpose of having a gathering is of course not the BBQ dinner. It’s good to have such a gathering with friends to keep in touch with each other and flash back the old school memories together. :razz:

Gathering Korean BBQ
From left: Me, Kym, Belly, Kevin, Eve, KuanYew

Gathering Korean BBQ
From left: Me, Kym, Alex, Belly, Kevin, Eve, KuanYew

That was a wonderful night. I am looking forward to our next gathering – Chinese Lao Sum Dinner. See ya guys!

[Photos provided by Alexander]

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