Generate Witty Status for Facebook and Twitter with Generatus


Sharing what’s on our mind is something what we always do with Facebook and Twitter. But it’s definitely time consuming for an impressive, creative, eye-catchy original status message.

Try Generatus, a cool website that generate funky status message for your Facebook or Twitter with a simple click.

All  you need to do is visit Generatus, type in your name and select a gender then hit Generate.

If you would like to filter a status with a tag, cilck on “Tag Cloud” button on top. Select any tag and a status will be generated out on the fly.


You will be served up a brand new, sparkly status all ready to be copied and pasted into Facebook, Twitter or whichever social networking site you like best.

Here are some cool status we generated:

  • is always getting the fuzzy end of the lollipop
  • is single, broke and loves Barry Manilow – wanna go out?
  • is busy building a time machine to undo your mistakes
  • was incomplete until he got married. Now he’s finished!!
  • receives sound advice from his wife. 99% sound, 1% advice.
  • sometimes wakes up grumpy, but usually I just let her sleep
  • has never taken any exercise except sleeping and resting.
  • never puts off until tomorrow what he can do the day after tomorrow
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  1. IsteriCun says:

    hohoh ok this is cool… sometimes I dont have any ideas to write in my twitter…

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