Get Your Movie Ticket with E-payment Ticketing(GSC)


I have tried several times to book my movie ticket online. But most of the time the selected movie is fully booked. When I complained this to my collegues today, I was told that there is an alternative method to get movie ticket online. :D

Silly me just keep thinking we only can “book” the ticket but actually now we can straight buy it online by using credit card. It is simple and we don’t need to rush to collect our ticket 40 minutes before the show.

What do you need?

1. Be a GSC member. (You can register at, it’s free)
2. Credit Card.

How to start?

1. Visit to
2. Sign in.
3. Go to “Showtimes & Ticketing” – “E-payment Ticketing”
4. Select your movie.
5. Select Ticket.
6. Select Seats (Yes, you can select your favourite seats)
7. e-Payment

There is a very complete e-payment ticketing flash tutorial provided by GSC, you can visit here if you have any doubt.

Now I believe queuing isn’t neccessary when we want to enjoy a good show. :)

[Thanks John!]

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3 Responses to Get Your Movie Ticket with E-payment Ticketing(GSC)

  1. william says:

    Hi,I william.

    I just wanted to ask a question. After I sign in my ID, I go to E-payment ticketing. After that, there is nothing to sign in.

  2. Kay says:

    @william, u need to wait for an application to be loaded. By the way, u need a flash plugin to load the application.

  3. cool says:

    o i find it out already. if u using web browser other than ie than u facing plug-in problem. so the easier way is use ie when u wan to buy a ticket.

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