Glossary of Links

Links are important to a website. They are a source of targeted traffic, they are food for search engine bots, they are part of algorithms. Therefore, it’s good to know some glossary of links for better understanding of SEO. List after jump.

Outbound Links
A link that points away from your website.

The number of links pointing back to your website. This can be found by conducting this search on major search engines:

Deep Links
Linking to a webpage buried within a website. These pages are referred to as “deep” because they are often two or more directories deep within a website.

One way Links
Links that are not reciprocated(exchanged) by your website. Incoming links to your site that are not returned. These are the best links to have from a search engine optimization point of view.

Reciprocal Links
When 2 websites exchange links to point at each other. Trading links with another website.

FFA Link Farm
A link farm free for all are farms where anyone can add a link. Many of these link farms have been banned.

Link Popularity
The measure the quantity and quality of sites that link back to your web page.

Absolute Links is an example of absolute link. It specifies a transfer protocol, a domain name and a file name.

Internal Links
An Internal Link is a hypertext link that points to another page within the same website. Internal links can be used as a form of navigation for people, directing them to pages within the website. Links assist with creating good information architecture within the site.

Link Bait
Useful or entertaining web content which compels users to link to it.

Link Building
Requesting links from webmasters of other sites for the purpose of increasing your “link popularity” and/or “PageRank.”

The list above is definitely not a full list of SEO glossary. I just covered some important glossary of links. If you’re interested in knowing more SEO terms, leave a comment. :cool:

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