Google Adsense Optimization Essentials [Video]

Google Adsense blog has released a three-part video series on Optimization Essentials for Adsense. These recommended strategies are aimed to improve AdSense performance on publisher sites and increase Adsense earnings.

This three-part video series have covered:

  1. Best-performing Ad Unit Sizes
  2. Design Your Ad Units
  3. Position For Performance

Part 1 – Bigger Is Better

The best performance (proven by Google and most of publisher) sizes for Adsense ads are 300×250 medium rectangle, 728×90 leaderboard and 160×600 skyscraper.

Part 2 – Design Your Ad

A better ad unit design can result in improved AdSense performance because users are more likely to read ads when they’re well integrated into your site.

Readers like blended ad without border. Rotating colours or occasionally switching the location of your ads on the page does help either.

Part 3 – Position For Performance

A good position is where the ad can be noticed easily by readers. Great positions include above the fold of page, at the end of an article and aligned with content.

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