Google is updating PageRank?

According to ConnectedInternet, Google is updating their Page Ranks this weekend.

This is kind of an exciting news for all bloggers and webmasters. To know whether your site’s PR increases or not, we will know the answer very soon. :D

After 3 months’ efforts, I hope can improve its current PR to at least PR 4. I have done a lot to build the links, write original and good content, communicate with other same niche sites, write guest blog for other famous blogs, leave comment frequently, on site and off site link building and etc etc etc. So, let’s see the result in next few days.

It’s 11.50p.m. now, tired + sleepy. Tomorrow morning I will go to KL PC Fair with my friend. If you see me there, please say hi to me. Haha!

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One Response to Google is updating PageRank?

  1. J2M says:

    I hope you’ll get your PR 4 ;)

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