Google Releases Chinese-English-Japanese Dictionary Freeware: Google Jin Shan Ciba (PowerWord)

Google and Kingsoft Google releases a Chinese-English-Japanese dictionary freeware – Google Jin Shan Ciba, co-operated with Kingsoft company, the original Jin Shan Ciba software developer.

Google China CEO

1000 people run Google Jin Shan Ciba, 100 people use Google, 10 people reach Google website, 1 people click the ads. This is how we earn from Google Jin Shan Ciba. The returns won’t be much but we’re looking more in user software experiences.

Google Jin Shan Ciba Freeware

Google Jin Shan Ciba is totally free of charge and no registration is required.

Google Jin Shan Ciba
Translation of words or sentences

Feature of Google Jin Shan Ciba Feature of Google Jin Shan Ciba

Feature of Google Jin Shan Ciba Feature of Google Jin Shan Ciba
Some basic functions of Google Jin Shan Ciba

Download: (23 MB only)

Google Jin Shan Ciba Website

Additionally, Google and Kingsoft also launches an essential Chinese-English dictionary website.

The video below shows how Google and Kingsoft co-operate to have Jin Shan Ciba dictionary re-destinated.

(Chinese only)

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4 Responses to Google Releases Chinese-English-Japanese Dictionary Freeware: Google Jin Shan Ciba (PowerWord)

  1. [...] This article springboarded my learnings surrounding this matter. If you tire of my ramblings Wikipedia has a well thought-out entry you may like to peruse. Now to clarify there are several versions of “Powerword” I have seen mentioned back and forth online. The software I initially downloaded (zip file named ‘powerwordlite.25269.3009.exe’) was infact the free software developed by the Google/Kingsoft joint venture (using that term loosly – haven’t researched the official relationship between the two entities). All other versions of Powersoft (I lost count of how many I found – ranging in years from 2000-2009 version numbers 3.0 to 5.5 and a languages Japanese, Chinese, English) were/are produced by Kingsoft and are not freeware. As I’m in China the fact that they are not freeware simply means its a little more difficult for me to effectively transform it into free ware.. [A. Search online for a full download and crack OR B. Go down to my local electronics shopping area and pick up a hacked copy for 10 yuan]. Though I’m sure these behaviors would be frowned upon by many it is an unfortunate defacto law of the land here in China. Some acts are in motion in an effort to circumvent this trend but believe you me for now they remain in full swing. [...]

  2. Kath says:

    this is really a good stuff……. learn alot vacab from it……..Thanks CIBA and Google

  3. Ben Ke says:

    I want to download see what u guys say, but i can’t. Can you guys show me who do you go about?

  4. This website looks very well! Keep on this great work and pls post some more information like this!

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