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Previously I introduced 50GB free online storage from Adrive, however some of my friends told me the connection of Adrive is not stable and they couldn’t download nor upload files sometimes. Hereby, I searched through the web and found something similar with Adrive – Kadoo, another data hoster that provides up to 10GB files storage.

It’s Smarter And Yet, Free

Kadoo allows its users to enjoy sharing and privacy controls along with 10GB free storage. You can either upload your photos, videos, files and many more to share with your friends or open to public.

A Powerful Sharing Solution for Organizations


Kadoo is not only a merely sharing tool for individuals, it also performs as a sharing solution for organizations. A data or file can be easily uploaded and shared among a group and organization. It speeds up your work when Kadoo has became the coordinate work and centrally store online.

Your Full Sharing Control

Upon upload, you can selectively share your data via email by sending a secure link for files or organize your contacts to create a sharing lists to share with certain friends, classmates or colleagues.

You will be alerted whenever your friends has shared something new in your organization. You can also search and find a particular file with tags.

The Speed

Kadoo allows single or multiple files upload. So far I have no idea the file size limitation of a single file. While uploading, Kadoo doesn’t display any progress bar and upload speed for notify users. This is a pretty bad if keeps user waiting.



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