How Many Books You Read Per Year?

The World Chinese Book Fair

I just came back from The World Chinese Book Fair (my house is very near from The Mines). This year they finally decided to charge for each entrance which costs RM2.00. FOC for students and elderly citizen.

A library is a hospital for the mind

I bought some books in book fair. Before I started blogging, I was actually a book worm. Now I have less time to spend on reading as I am new in blogging, I spare most of my rest hours to learn how to blog better, SEO and how to make money online. More hobbies take more time and energy. :???:

Books I bought include scientific books and magazines, San Guo Yan Yi in simplified words (I have its traditional format version too), computer magazines and a Taiwan Chinese book. I will be going again in coming days to get some books for my jobs.

Recommended E-Books

I have read several e-books this year. These are the recommended one.

  1. Make Money Online with John Chow dot com – About how John Chow make money online via blogging. A good guide for WordPress and Google Adsense beginner. He shares his experience on how to start a friendly SEO blog by using WordPress and some techniques to attract traffics.
  2. SEO Fast Start by Dan Thies – Another free e-book for you to sharpen your skill on SEO. The author is an experienced internet marketing coach and has been deal with SEO for quite a long period. If you want to learn some “white hat” SEO skill, this is the book you shouldn’t miss.
  3. Link Buying Guide by Text Link Ads Inc – Basically it can’t be defined as a book. But I ensure that this is the best guide for you to understand why links are the most important element in internet. Some technical terms are well explained too.

  4. Black Book by Jack Humphrey – The best Web2.0 resources for generating traffic and winning customers. It starts with blogging with WordPress, then RSS markerting, social bookmarking sites, social media marketing sites, until video marketing. I am still reading it. Too much resources sometimes feel confusing too.

A good title is the title of a successful book

The recommended e-books above are free of charge. That means you don’t need to pay a single cent to download it. However, free stuffs are normally got abandoned easily. That’s why some idiots are charging expensive e-book out there so people will ‘appreciate’ their works. :P

[Download Recommended E-Books]

Credits:, SEOFastStart, Text Link Ads Inc,

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