How To Add Watermark Quickly For A Batch Of Images


Watermark an image is one of the best way to protect your images on your website. It’s definitely at tedious job if you have quite a number of images that you want to put a credit on it.

WatermarkV2 is a freeware and very easy to use application for adding watermark to multiple images at the same time.


You can easily learn how to use WaterMarkV2 as the GUI of WaterMarkV2 is pretty user friendly.

Just configure a source image as watermark and place it where ever you want on the specific original photo.

Of course, all the configurations can be done as a batch operation. Say, an action for all the picture in a folder.

The supported formats are Bitmap, GIF, JPEG, PNG und TIFF.

Download WaterMark V2 (0.78MB)

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  1. I really enjoy subscribing to your blog/web site. This utility software is extremely convenient and useful for all web designers and web masters to be more productive and efficient in adding water mark to a batch of images. I have downloaded a copy of it immediately. Keep up your good sharing. Cheers!

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