How to Avoid XP Registration

Windows XP tries to register your copy of Windows at Microsoft’s web site when installing XP. To avoid registering your copy of XP with Microsoft and force it into thinking you have completed the registration process, follow these steps:

1. Physically disconnect your modem

2. Turn on your computer

3. Start Windows XP Setup and answer ‘No’ when asked to use ‘Windows Dynamic Update’

4. After the installation is complete, avoid setting up your internet connection when asked, instead click on ‘Skip’

5. Click on the Start button and select Run. Type in ‘regsrv32 -u regwizc.dll’ and click OK then click OK again to close the confirmation dialog box which unregisters this dll file

6. Click on the Start button and select Run

7. Type in ‘regedit’ and click OK

8. Look for this string:

9. Right-click on the ‘RegDone’ string and select ‘Modify’ then type 1 in the ‘Value Data‘ box, then exit the Registry

10. Right-click on the ‘Internet Explorer’ Desktop icon and select ‘Tools’. Click on ‘Internet Properties’ and change the default home page to anything except any Microsoft or MSN web site

11. Reboot your system

12. Right after XP reboots, but before Windows loads, be sure to reconnect your modem

My Angle

I understand for some certain reasons we do face the problem to activate Windows XP through internet. However, this tip is just only a temporary method to solve your conundrum. If you really can’t activate XP via internet, make a phone activation isn’t that difficult actually. :P

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