How to Convert Bitmap images to Vector Images

Image Vectorization

If you’re looking for free software to convert bitmap images to vector images, here’s a website that provides free bitmap-vector conversion service – Vector Magic.

With a few simple clicks and guides from Vector Magic, you’re able to perform a vectorization in a few simple steps.

1. Upload Bitmap Image

Image Vectorization

File format supported includes PEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, TIFF, PSD. Maximum allowed file size is 10 MB.

2. Configure Original Image

Image Vectorization

Several settings are provided to determine the type of original image. After that, determine the quality level and color numbers of original image with given selections.

3. Vectorization and Preview

Image Vectorization

Preview will be shown after the process of image vectorization is completed. Here, users are allowed to perform final touch up on vectorized image before download it.

4. Download Vectorized Image

Users can download the vectorize image in PNG format without registration. But for downloading vector output (EPS, SVG, PDF), users are required to register as a member.

The Trick

As a member, you are only given 2 tokens for downloading vector format output. Each download will cost 1 token.

In order to enjoy unlimited download, you can subscribe to Vector Magic Unlimited plan or buy individual tokens, both cost you some money.

So, the best way to enjoy free vector format download is – register with a new email whenever 2 tokes have been spent. No clever enough?  Try these temporary & disposable email services:


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