How to display subtitle with a video file?

If you would like to watch a video with subtitle, all you need to do is to install a software plugin called VobSub and get your subtitle file ready.
- Introduction about Vobsub(quite long).

In case you are lazy to read the long introduction about Vobsub, I will brief you a little bit about it.

VobSub Description:
VOBSUB is a filter for Media Player that can load subtitles (ssa, sub, srt, vobsub, …) into movies being played.

VobSub will works with ALL video players.

There are two kinds of subtitle formats which the vobsub package can deal with:
1. vobsub ripped: idx/sub[/rar]
2. textual: srt, sub, psb, smi, ssa, ass

A better tutorial about VobSub installation.
NOTE: The custom installation doesn’t include the Virtualdub, Aviuntil, Text for VirtulDub and AviSync plugins. If you want to install them as well, you must choose “full install“.
Virtualdub is the software to support this plugin, therefore you must install this software as well.

Basically there is not much settings to configure in Vobsub. Timing is the only one you should take note on it. If your subtitle is played too slow, set your subtitle timing to negative(-1 to -9999) and vice versa.

About subtitle file:
If you have a subtitle file(*.srt), you must remember to put it in same directory as the video you’re going to watch.
After that, rename your subtitle file to the same name as your video file.
For example, if your video file name is LostS0610.avi, then your subtitle file name must be
After rename your files, run the video file by your default software, the subtitles will be displayed automatically. :)

Where to download video file?

Where to download subtitle file?

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2 Responses to How to display subtitle with a video file?

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  2. Vince says:

    Thanks for such a nice post,really appreciated. Now the subtitle files work just fine…but i still found some problem.I’ve downloaded some subtitle files but i found that timing is really an big issue. Any way to synchorise it properly? I found that most subtitle files that i’ve downloaded,the subtitle appears too soon, but after i’ve readjust it, everything seems fine but 10mins later, the same problem occurs. Do you have better idea to solve this problem?
    Another thing that i would really like to know is how do i actually mount the subtitle file into without showing the *.srt file anymore in the same folder? Anyway to do it?
    Thanks again…

  3. kay says:

    The subtitle files support different format of your video file. Let’s say your video file format is hdtv.xvid-notv, then you should find it’s subtitle with hdtv.xvid-notv format too. It’s better to get the same format video and subtitle file. Therefore, when you download a video file, download the more common video format.
    For the second question, you can try to rip the subs with subrip, select the output format as SSA (sub station alpha) then use the subtitler filter for virtualdub (if you don’t have it you will need to download it), and load in the subs.

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