How to Make Payment to Thunder Xunlei VIP in Malaysia or Worldwide

Are you using Streamyx from TMNet and your Thunder Xunlei download speed is running very slow (<15kb/s) recently?

Bittorrent download via Thunder Xunlei is currently throttled by Streamyx. As a result, users are not able to download files (MKV, AVI, rvmb, etc) easily from international peers anymore.

If you’re using Thunder Xunlei as your bittorrent downloader, you may try Xunlei Direct Download (DDL a.k.a lixian VIP download) for fast download speed (>100kb/s) since Streamyx is not able to cap Http or FTP download.

In order to enjoy Xunlei DDL, you’re requested to register as a member and upgrade your membership to level VIP with some minimum fees.


4 Steps to Pay Thunder Xunlei in Malaysia or Worldwide

For non-China member, you might facing some difficulties in upgrading your membership because Thunder Xunlei is not supporting any payment (credit card, PayPal, etc) from foreign countries.

If you think the speed does matter and you don’t mind pay some fees on it, here’s 4 steps to pay Thunder Xunlei VIP in Malaysia or worldwide.

  1. Register as a Thunder Xunlei VIP to get an member ID number.
  2. Visit to buy Xunlei points (lei dian) for direct recharge on your Thunder VIP member.

  3. Make sure fill in your account information correctly and select a payment method (supporting Google Checkout for credit card, PayPal, Amazon, Alipay and Member Payment Fund).
  4. Once your order is completed, Xunlei points (lei dian) in your account will be topped up within 10 minutes.

Upgrade Thunder Xunlei Member to Level VIP with Xunlei Points

You’re able to upgrade Thunder Xunlei member to level VIP with purchased Xunlei points once order is completed in

  1. Log off your Thunder Xunlei and re-login again to refresh your account.
  2. Click on VIP upgrade and select payment method 4 – Lei Dian.

  3. Use the Xunlei points (lei dian) in your account to upgrade your Thunder Xunlei membership to VIP.

Thunder Xunlei VIP direct download is a cheaper solution if compared with local VPN.

50 Xunlei points (lei dian) costs USD$8.71 and it last your VIP membership for more than 6 months.

You may also register a trial version for Thunder Xunlei Direct Download (lixian download) at to test the download speed before you purchase Xunlei Points. T&C applied.

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3 Responses to How to Make Payment to Thunder Xunlei VIP in Malaysia or Worldwide

  1. Jayce says:

    Streamyx is not able to cap Http or FTP download? Yes, they can. My download speed from my own FTP server is throttle too. Just a host backup tar.gz file. :(

  2. Kay says:

    @Jayce, what is your download speed from your own FTP server? Mind to share?

  3. I found your post is very informative.Thanks for sharing and please keep posting.

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