How to Manage Multiple Cloud Storages on Desktop


Cloud computing is a trend but managing multiple cloud storages is not something funny, at least to us.

Say if we manage files in Google Docs, Picasa Web Albums, Windows Live SkyDrive and ADrive on daily basic, the chances are we need to open up every single webpage in order to manage the files in different services.

Here’s a solution we’ve found – Gladinet Cloud Desktop, a FREE tool for you to manage multiple cloud storages on desktop with hassle-free.

What Gladinet Cloud Desktop Can Do


In short, Gladinet Cloud Desktop delivers cloud services to your desktop and operating system by

  1. Mounting cloud storages as local folders
  2. Intergrating online applications with the local desktop
  3. Backing up local folders or drives to web storage
  4. Uploading and downloading files from and to cloud storages

At the moment when we’re writing this, Gladinet offers 2 versions of Cloud Desktop – Starter Edition (FREE) and Professional Edition (FREE).

You can compare the features for both on their download page.

How Does Gladinet Cloud Desktop Works

You can get a clearer picture from screen shots and videos below.






(Click to enlarge)

Pretty cool huh? :)

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