How to Promote A Blog in Facebook

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Promotion is important to boost up a blog’s traffic. One of the effectiveness method for blog promotion is promote your blog in a high traffic platform like popular forum and social network. Thus, if you’re a Facebook user, these are the free blog promotion methods you should implement in your Facebook account.

Subscribe Own Feed in Facebook Profile Page


Your friends visit your Facebook profile page high and low everyday. Instead of displaying trivial information, it would be better to show them your blog RSS feed and let them get what have been updated recently in your blog.

How to do it


1. Go to “Applications” page.

2. Browse for “Blog RSS Feed Reader“. Add it in your profile page.

3. Click “Add” to add a blog RSS Feed.

4. Insert your blog RSS Feed URL and other information.

5. Click “Update Feed” to update your profile page.

6. Go back to profile page and place your “Blog RSS Feed Reader” application at an eye-catchy location (on top).

Create a Page and Subscribe Own Feed


Facebook users are gulp loads of information. They are searching and swallowing whatever they’re interested with. Therefore, a page that represents your blog will be an alternative window for exploitation.

How to do it

1. Click on “Page Manager” in your Applications.

2. Click on “Pages” on top tabs, then click on “Create Page“.

3. Fill in the information required.

4. Publish your page.

5. Customize your page.

6. Add Simply RSS application in your page.

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8 Responses to How to Promote A Blog in Facebook

  1. k3sh says:

    That’s really an interesting and helpful tips :) . Must a give a try then ;p. Thanks

  2. kay says:

    no problem kesh

  3. Kuan Yew says:

    Good stuff, I immediately tried it after reading your post, thanks for sharing man!

  4. Pratyush says:

    Thanks for a nice tip. However I share my RSS Feeds on Facebook through the “Notes” option. The advantage is that the updates are shown in the “recent updates”. Thus the person needs not visit your profile.

  5. kay says:

    @Pratyush, mind to share with us how do you add it through the Notes option?

  6. Kay says:

    @Pratyush, thanks for the heads up.

  7. iCalvyn says:

    I have add up this application, let see can make some traffic from there or not … :D

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