How To Protect Your Family Using A NAS Device? (Network Attached Storage)

As technology becomes cheaper, faster and more accessible, our appetite for data is growing at an incredible rate. In order to maintain control over this fast-growing data, we have to become smarter about how we store and manage unstructured information.

One of the best methods for handling this growth is through storage consolidation.

In a typical modern family, you might have 3 or 4 computers. Each machine has its own hard drive, full of precious memories, files and information. If one of these computers should ever crash, it would be a tragic event for the entire family.

Network Attached Storage

Of course, manually backing up 4 machines on a daily basis isn’t practical. That’s why computer families are now turning to Network Attached Storage (NAS) boxes for their home data management.

A NAS is like a giant hard drive with a brain. It allows you to give everyone in your family their own networked hard drive… complete with built-in security and encryption. When the data is stored on a NAS box, it can securely be accessed from any machine… even over the internet.

NAS boxes also have other interesting uses. You can use them as a web host, a streaming music server, or even use them to download torrents while your computer is off. (Only legal ones, of course)

And as an added bonus, backups can be scheduled very easily since all of the data is consolidated to one device.

But what would happen if the house burnt down? The NAS box would be destroyed, but so would the backups. In order to keep everyone’s files safe, you need to take this data to another location after it’s been backed up.

Once method would be to back up to DVD every day, and mail the DVDs to a trusted friend or family member. Of course, this is very inconvenient and requires work & discipline. Another approach would be to use the Internet.

If your NAS device runs on Linux, you can find an online backup service to protect your family data. These services are secure and completely automated. You just install the software and forget about it.

If your family would like to get started with NAS, you can find many excellent, low-cost units in stores. Or if you have an old junky computer lying around, you can use freenas to set up your own Network Attached Storage device at no cost.

About the Author: Storagepipe’s online backup services support many different operating systems, including Lunux, iSeries, Windows and more.

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