How to Read Faster in Google Reader

Google Reader
How many feeds you read everyday? I read quite a lot of them by using Google Reader. The number of feeds is increasing every week and I am figuring out a faster way to read in Google Reader.

One of the best way to read faster is to control Google Reader by using keyboard shortcuts. Depend lesser on mouse can fully utilize our left hand and boost up the productivity. :wink:

By entering “Shift” + “?” in Google Reader, a list of keyboard shortcuts will be showing up.
Google Reader Keyboard Shortcuts

You can press “Open in New Window” in order to open it in a new window so it won’t block your vision.
Google Reader Keyboard Shortcuts

It’s kind of difficult to memorize all the Google Reader keyboard shortcuts. Moreover, not all the functions will be used frequently. Frequent used shortcuts have been highlighted in list above.

Practice makes perfect. :idea:

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