How To Search For Duplicate Files On Harddisk

Searching and clearing duplicate files is a tedious task. Windows doesn’t provide any handy tool for us to check our system for duplicate files that take up unnecessary disk space.

If you’re going to perform a full scan manually, hold your mind first. Here’s a free software that helps you to find and delete duplicate files on your computer automaticallyDuplicate Files Searcher.

Duplicate Files Searcher is able to perform a file searching with a byte for byte comparison for accuracy. Files preview option is provided too so users can double check before delete it.

Key Features of The Duplicate Files Searcher

  1. The software runs in Windows, Linux, Solaris and MacOS
  2. Searching results can be saved and loaded in future
  3. User friendly GUI
  4. Perform on any files, folders or drives
  5. Works with all removable media devices
  6. Full control over files to be deleted

How To Use Duplicate Files Searcher

Since this software uses Java Runtime Environment, it requires Java Runtime Environment Standard Edition (JRE SE) installed on your computer.

Download Duplicate Files Searcher, then double-click on the dfsfull.jar. The other method is to type in the comand-line: java -jar dfsfull.jar

For more information, here’s a user manual you can refer to. :)

[Download Duplicate Files Searcher]

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