How to Share A Webpage to Twitter or Facebook Quickly with Google Toobar

The latest version of Google Toolbar offers a new option for users to share a webpage to social networks on the fly.


Upon install or upgrade your Google toolbar to the latest version, you will be able to choose a new option to enable toolbar sharing which allows you to share pages with various services like Twitter, Digg, Facebook, Gmail, Delicious and other networks.

A “Share” button will be displayed on your browser toolbar.


If you only like to stick to a few social networks, you can choose the services you’d like to have displayed in the Toolbar.

Whenever you’re browsing a webpage and you feel like sharing them on your favorite social networks, just simply click the buttons on toolbar.

After clicking the button, a new window will be pop up and you’re allowed to customize the final context.

Now you can easily share a webpage on the fly without any hassle to open a new window, login, copy and paste the link and so on.

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