I Got My First Google Adsense Cheque

I got my 1st Google Adsense cheque today. :D

My first Google Adsense Cheque

Therefore, “Make Money Online” this term has been proven again in k-director dot com.

As you see, I received U$D314.84 from Google. U$D250 was earned via Google Adsense Affiliate program. Someone has signed up as a Google Adsense publisher through k-director dot com and he/she has made his/her 1st U$D100 within 180 days. That’s why I got the bonus U$D250 from Google Adsense. The other U$D64.84 was my 3 months Google Adsense earning.

So this is my 3 months Google Adsense earning after I applied Google ads in k-director dot com. It’s quite slow if compare with other bloggers I think. But k-director dot com has more stable visitors per day now. The earning is increasing from day to day. This is definitely a good sign after I made some changes to make more money from Google Adsense. I think now what I need to do it write more good content and have more fun with blogging SEO.

If you have a blog too, you can read my “Make Money Online” post to learn how to make real money online.
But if you don’t have blog and you wanna to start one, you can read this post too. :)

This is not a big money but I believe this cheque is enough to pay my domain and webhosting anual fee plus my car’s monthly instalment plus July streamyx fee plus July electricity bill plus July Maxis bill plus July water bill as well…

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5 Responses to I Got My First Google Adsense Cheque

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  2. Sze Ping says:

    Keep it up! You will get a bigger cheque after this :)

  3. iCalvyn says:

    cash out large amount are more worth, to avoid the bank charges…congrad for ur 1st cheque…

  4. kay says:

    Thank you.
    I am working hard for my second cheque right now and I believe you will got ur cheque very soon too.

  5. jai says:

    Cool dude , really great to see your effort ,will surely hit more. Even after 6 months I am still staying in 7 $ ,but will surely get it one day and will post like this .

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