I Got PR0 Penalty from Google

This is definitely another “milestone” for k-director.com after my last terrible traffic decrement.
The last time I checked my Google pagerank, I already found out k-director.com got PR0. However I was too naive thought that Google is updating pagerank.

After a few days I check back Google PR, I reliased it’s still PR0. :(






I have been reading through some articles online about Google PR0 penalty to understand why I got this suddenly.
As a result, these are possible factors I found:
1. Backward link calculations are running.
2. Google are testing some spam filter.
3. Lack of inbound links with an sufficiently high PageRank.
4. The Combination of PageRank and BadRank to PR0.
5. Linking from my site to too many PR0 pages.

Therefore now, I need to see what I can do to fix this shit problem. As you see, there is no more top commentor category in my side bar because of the 5th factor I mentioned above.
So far, this was what I have done. Feel tired to fix it.

Whatever it gonna be, I will still remember this, “people first, Google second“!

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7 Responses to I Got PR0 Penalty from Google

  1. eches says:

    I’m sorry to hear that. Frankly speaking I’m quite shocked since you got lot of posts backdated to somewhere in May; at this rate you should get at least 3. There are something that might go wrong. Something big.. have you checked Option > Privacy and set privacy to everyone, just in case you have turn it off the option by mistake..

    If you type in your domain in GOogle or Yahoo they just produce 1 link..if you check in altavista.com..there a lot of pages of this domain over there..Something that blocking Yahoo and Google bots, I guess.

    If mixing chinese character and english is one of the reasons why your domain is not indexed, I think that’s cruel. I really keen to know what’s the real thing that hinder your blog from getting indexed. There’s nothing much I can offer at this moment and this is the first time I heard such thing really happen. Anyway, I really hope you will be out of this trouble real soon.

  2. Sze Ping says:

    Same PR0 here… haha ~

  3. eches says:

    probably because of this http://www.mattcutts.com/blog/explaining-algorithm-updates-and-data-refreshes/
    It’s called google dance and some people experience the same thing too..

  4. Kay says:

    Thanks for your concern. The information is quite useful. :D

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  7. cybersix says:

    One of my blog also got penalty from Google ..from PR3 to Pr0..too bad

  8. Kay says:

    Cybersix, I got PR 3 after the latest PageRank update in November. :grin:

  9. cybersix says:

    congrats..i got PR0 coz may be a lot of paid posting:grin:but,never mind

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