IMVU 3D Avatar Chat

I am sure most of you are using live messenger, yahoo messenger or skype to keep in touch with your friends.
But have you ever tried a 3D Avatar chat before?

IMVU 3D Avatar Chat
IMVU is a 3D instant messenger. IMVU allows you to chat using a character called an avatar in 3D scenes. With thousands upon thousands of cool products to choose from in the catalog, it is easy to look exactly the way you want

Special Features

• Meet new friends – Paired up with someone from around the world.
• Homepages – Gets a free, easy to customize homepage.
• Sticker – Stickers are small pieces of art that can be placed anywhere on your homepage. They can be animated, cutout, or transparent and can be stacked one on the other.
• Type in bubbles – Typing into a 3D window makes chat bubbles appear over your avatar’s head.
• Animate – You are capable of doing hundreds of animations in IMVU for FREE.
• Interact – Shake hands, hug hello, serenade and even body slam! Not only can you puppeteer YOUR avatar but you can also interact with the people you chat with. (This is the part where I like it very much. :) )
• Modicons – Modicons replace your avatar with a 3D model and they can be triggered the same way as your animations
• Earn credits – Credits are the currency in IMVU and are what you use to buy items in the catalog. You can buy Credits directly from the catalog and you can also earn Credits.
• Develop – Development tools are available to anyone who wants to make their own 3D products and sell them in the catalog.

IMVU is a new(not too new actually) type of messenger. For those who think plain text message is boring, then you must have a try on it.
Add me in IMVU 3D Avatar Chat, my id is kdirector. :D

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  1. JESSICA says:


  2. worm says:

    um yes my computer wont let me download IMVU messenger it says to contact yall

  3. anna says:

    hi lol ha ha hi peopel palse i whnat friendship only

  4. anna says:

    i ahte hate hate you hera me grr1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. taylah says:

    i’m upsetbecause i’m not allowed to get on there because all the avatar names are gone thats unreal…

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