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iPhone 3G has finally placed a new mark in iPhone history timeline last week. The price for an iPhone 3G isn’t much expensive but too bad, it’s not available in some countries like Malaysia.

For people who are in the same situation like me, you can either get a hacked/no contract version, or download a desktop version of iPhone – AIR iPhone.

What is AIR iPhone

In short, AIR iPhone is an desktop program that simulates the UI functions of real iPhone. It is created with Adobe AIR and Adobe Flex 3.


With AIR iPhone, you are able to make calls, receive calls, check voicemail, add contacts and even send voice messages. Just register an account with Ribbits, you will be allowed to use the mentioned functions for real.


Download and Install

In order to run AIR iPhone on your desktop, you will need the Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR) program. After that, download AIR iPhone v3.03 and install it in your computer.

Here are 2 demo videos that show you how AIR iphone works in your computer. Enjoy!

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